You will need to speak with Las Vegas Domestic Violence Attorneys if you are arrested for Domestic Violence. There are many types of domestic violence, including the following:

Domestic violence can also include aggression against family members. It doesn’t have to involve guns or knives. The victim doesn’t have to sustain any permanent injuries. Domestic violence often leaves little to no visible marks on the victim’s bodies. These can include sexual, emotional, and financial abuse. Sometimes abuses that don’t leave a mark or cause visible physical injuries can lead to a more severe penalty.

What Happens in a Nevada Domestic Violence Case

According to Las Vegas Domestic Violence Attorneys, a case of Domestic Violence usually begins when an incident is reported to the Police. The police will inspect the scene and determine whether a domestic violence offense has been committed. They will need to file a report detailing the situation if it has.

Police are required to arrest any person they believe to be the “primary aggressor”. This is the person who is most responsible for the crime. If possible, this arrest should be made within 24 hours. The arrest may not require a warrant. A person must be held in jail for at least 12 hours after being arrested before they can be released.

The next steps depend on whether weapons were used in a crime or if the victim sustained serious injuries. Nevada law defines “Serious Injuries” as the following:

  • Bodily injury that poses a significant risk of death
  • Permanent loss of function or impairment of any organ or body member;
  • Serious, permanent disfigurement; or
  • Chronic pain.

What is considered “Serious Injury”?

The law does not consider the injuries serious just because the victim suffers pain from the violent act.

Las Vegas Domestic Violence Lawyers state that most domestic violence offenses are considered a misdemeanor if they do not include the use of weapons or cause serious injuries. This applies only if the victim has not been convicted of domestic violence in the previous 7 years.

A case could be considered a more serious offense if there is a history or pattern of abuse. This includes any sexual abuse of a spouse or family member. Unwanted sexual contact is considered a crime. Financial and emotional abuse can also be included. These are the kinds of crimes that can be committed in spousal relationships as a result of domestic violence.

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