Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys

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Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys Assist Good People Facing Criminal Cases

Gary L Guymon PC believes that each client deserves a fresh start. Our devoted Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys spend the time to get acquainted with you to understand your arrest. We have handled thousands of cases but we understand that every case is different. We create specific legal strategies to help you achieve the best outcome by defending your criminal case.

The Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers at Gary L Guymon, PC are friendly with each client and will fight for the best possible outcome for your case and charges.

Our Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help You

Our criminal defense lawyers have been helping Nevada residents and visitors for more than a decade. We understand how stressful an arrest can make for a person or a family. We quickly help our clients understand their options and begin building a strong criminal defense plan of action.

Why A Las Vegas, Nevada Criminal Defense Attorney Is Better Than A Public Defender

You will need strong legal representation from an experienced criminal defense lawyer who is committed to representing you if you are facing criminal charges in a Las Vegas Court. It is in the best interests of defendants to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney instead of accepting representation from a public lawyer.

Public defenders are court-appointed lawyers who represent individuals who can’t afford a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney. Public defenders may not have the same experience as other criminal defense attorneys. Some public defenders actually use their position to gain professional experience.

Even the most experienced and dedicated public defenders may not be able to provide you with the quality representation that you need. They will often have multiple cases at once and may have a large caseload. They won’t have the time or attention to build the best criminal defense case for you.

Working With a Nevada Criminal Defense Attorney

An experienced criminal defense attorney will always be there to fight for you. You need a defense attorney familiar with the Las Vegas courts if you have been charged with a crime. Our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers will do all they can to get the best possible outcome for your case. For a free case evaluation, call (702) 758 5858 or contact us online.