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Gary L Guymon PC believes that each client deserves a fresh start. Our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers take the time to get acquainted with you to understand your case. We have handled thousands of cases but we understand that every case is different. We devise specific legal strategies to help you achieve the best outcome possible with a strong criminal defense.

Gary L Guymon PC, Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers are friendly with each client and will fight for the best possible outcome of your case or charge. You can also contact us directly if you have any questions.

We Provide the Following For Our Clients:

  • Respect
  • Loyalty
  • High-Quality Legal Representation
  • Responsive Communication
  • Positive Outlook for the Future

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What happens in a Criminal Case

Las Vegas Criminal Attorney Serving Nevada Clients

No matter what criminal history, facing criminal charges in Las Vegas is intimidating, confusing, and alarming. Las Vegas is famous for its arrests. Many tourists who visit the Strip casinos find themselves on vacation and then being arrested for a Nevada criminal offense. Although the Strip and the surrounding areas of Las Vegas offer many opportunities for residents and tourists alike, it is easy to become engrossed in the culture.

Gary L Guymon PC is aware that many people are wrongly accused every day of crimes, but we also recognize that people make mistakes and need experienced counsel to help them defend themselves. Gary L Guymon PC prides itself on being a firm advocate for our clients while remaining kind and compassionate to all of them. The lack of understanding of Nevada’s criminal law system is one of the biggest problems with criminal charges. We would like to provide more information about the criminal procedure in Las Vegas.

Our Las Vegas Criminal Defense Team can help you.

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Our criminal defense lawyers represent residents and visitors from all over Nevada. We understand how stressful an arrest can make a person or a family. We help clients quickly understand their options and begin to build a smart criminal defense strategy.

Nobody expects to be arrested. It can be very distressing to be taken to court or jail. And facing the possible consequences of a criminal conviction can make it a frightening experience. The process and procedures can lead to harsh penalties for defendants without qualified legal assistance. A lawyer can help you explore your options and develop your defense. They will also ensure that you are treated fair and properly by the police, prosecutors, and the court.

Las Vegas: Most Repeated Criminal Charges

Some of the most repeated criminal charges in Las Vegas include:


Are you ready to speak with our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers about how to build your defense? We understand how devastating it can be to be charged with a criminal offense. Our team will stand by you. Contact Gary L Guymon PC, a skilled Las Vegas criminal defense attorney, to discuss your rights.