Gary L Guymon is one of the skilled criminal defense lawyers near me in Las Vegas, Clark County, and Nevada. His offices are located near the courthouse in downtown Las Vegas. He represents clients in all of Clark County including Henderson, Henderson, Boulder City, Mesquite, North Las Vegas, and North Las Vegas.

For a confidential and free consultation, contact the criminal defense lawyers near me, Gary L Guymon PC if you were arrested or charged in Nevada with any criminal offense. Gary L Guymon represents clients accused of all kinds of criminal offenses, including DUI, domestic violence, marijuana crimes, and drug charges as well as others. Gary L Guymon has the experience to aggressively fight charges for every type of offense, from the simplest misdemeanor to the most serious felonies.


Gary L Guymon has more than 25 years of experience as a trial attorney and can help you understand your defenses. If the prosecution cannot prove an element of the offense or you are not guilty, the best outcome is to have the charges dropped or to get a “not guilty verdict” at trial. In fact, he is the attorney with the most Not Guilty jury verdicts in Southern Nevada attorney for the past ten years.

Gary L Guymon believes it is crucial to file all possible motions to suppress evidence and motions to dismiss charges. Criminal defense lawyers near me can achieve better results in pre-trial negotiations by filing valid motions and preparing for trial. Our top priority is protecting your reputation against unjust prosecutions.

Experience is important. Gary L Guymon has dealt with hundreds of criminal cases, including gross misdemeanors and serious felonies, in addition to oral arguments before the Nevada Supreme Court. Gary L Guymon has extensive experience in fighting for criminal charges to be dismissed or reduced to a lesser offense.

Gary L Guymon, one of the criminal defense lawyers near me, is not content with the standard results. He fights for his client’s rights in Federal, State, and Municipal Courts.


Guymon has represented many professionals who have been charged with a crime over the years. They never dreamed that they would be on the wrong side. Just the accusation of committing a crime can cause chaos in their lives.

Students in high school, college, and graduate schools charged with crimes in the Greater Las Vegas Metropolitan Area can also be subject to serious collateral consequences if their school holds a disciplinary hearing. Additional consequences can be imposed on anyone with a concealed firearm permit or commercial driver’s license.

Individuals with licensure or professional issues require extra care, experience, and attention. Even if the criminal charges are dropped or dismissed, the attorney must assist the client with any collateral issues.


Clark County also includes the famous Las Vegas Strip. Clark County is the 12th largest county in the country, with over 2 million residents and 43 million visitors annually. Clark County is the home to the 9th busiest national airport, as well as the largest state hospital, University Medical Center.

Many of our clients travel from other states or cities to visit Las Vegas. The unwitting tourist is often targeted by law enforcement officers. The inconvenience and travel costs involved in fighting a criminal charge can make it very difficult to get back to Las Vegas. That’s when they need the services of criminal defense lawyers near me in Las Vegas, NV.

Gary L Guymon PC, one of the skilled criminal defense lawyers near me in Las Vegas will help to reduce unnecessary trips back into Clark County and fight the case vigorously. We represent clients with outstanding warrants for any felony, misdemeanor, or extradition charge, failure of appearance, violation of probation, and other charges. We can help you at all stages of your case, including a bail bond reduction hearing which takes place immediately following arrest.


Gary L Guymon PC is an experienced DUI lawyer in Las Vegas. Gary L Guymon represents clients who have been charged with DUI for the first time. Our experienced criminal defense lawyers near me represent clients who are facing additional serious charges following a second or subsequent DUI conviction.

If the case involves DUI and a crash causing injury or property damage, or if there is a high blood alcohol concentration (BAC), the penalties could be severe.

Gary L Guymon can help you determine what to do right away after a DUI arrest in order to keep your Nevada driver’s license. He can discuss the pros and cons to have the DUI charge reduced from DUI to something less serious, such as reckless driving. His experience includes representing clients who have an out-of-state driver’s license after a DUI arrest. Our criminal defense lawyers near me in Las Vegas can help you fight your case aggressively, regardless of whether it involves a refusal to submit to testing or readings from a breathalyzer test, blood test, or a urine test.


Gary L Guymon PC offers free consultations to discuss your case over the telephone or in person. Discuss your case with criminal defense lawyers near me to determine the facts, possible legal defenses, attorney fees, and the best way for you to resolve criminal charges.

You should not make any statements to law enforcement officers about a criminal charge until after speaking with experienced criminal defense lawyers near me. You have the right to remain silent during the entire case and to seek counsel’s assistance at all stages.

You can trust a Clark County criminal defense attorney to represent you if you are facing charges of DUI, drug crimes, or theft. Gary L Guymon, a Clark County attorney, represents clients in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Mesquite, and Boulder City. Call us at (702) 758 5858 to get started.