You could spend time in jail if you don’t pay your Casino Marker on time!

What’s a Casino Marker?

A “Casino Marker”, or “Gambling Marker”, is a line of credit that a casino offers to gamblers who don’t have enough funds. Casinos offer a line of credit to gamblers who have exhausted their own funds. This credit can be described as a line of credit that is short-term and interest-free. A counter-check is used to issue the marker. It can be used by the gambler as cash in the casino.

Gamblers usually use the money they receive from the loan immediately to gamble. They can repay the Marker immediately if they win. If they lose, as is often the case, they will be held responsible for paying it from their own funds.

The majority of people have no intentions of defaulting on their Marker. However, they may find themselves in a difficult financial situation and not have enough funds to repay the loan. The casino attempts to collect the marker. It is then sent to the customer’s account for payment. It becomes the equivalent of a bounced check if it is not honored. Nevada law regulates the casino marker ( NRS205.130, NRS205.132). Provided that the casino has complied with the required steps to collect the marker, if the check bounces, the charge becomes an intent-to-defraud. A person convicted of intent to defraud will be sentenced to a minimum of one year in prison. It is the same as writing a bad check with the equivalent consequences.

Contacting an Attorney

Don’t assume that the casino will let you go if you have a casino marker tab. They will pursue it and make sure you pay. It may feel like play money to you because you didn’t need to earn it or bring it with you to the casino. However, the casino considers it a hard-money loan. If the marker is not repaid on time, the defendant could face criminal charges and possibly thousands of dollars in fines. Contact our office immediately to stop any further actions from the casino which could lead to criminal charges. We are experienced in negotiating with casinos to reach a payment plan that is acceptable to them and will keep you out of jail.