Violent Crimes Attorney in Las Vegas

A violent crime charge is a very serious legal affair in Nevada and particularly in the Las Vegas area. There are many types of violent charges. You don’t have to use a weapon to be charged in Nevada with violent crimes, such as domestic violence. It can be difficult to craft a defense when there is both testimonial and physical evidence. However, it is possible. In every way, the law clearly works against the defendant. It is essential to hire a skilled violent crimes attorney for violent crimes to build a strong defense. It is important to choose the right attorney. This is why you should call Gary Guymon, a Las Vegas violent crimes attorney.

Why Gary Guymon Is the Right Choice

Clients charged with violent crimes will not be properly represented by just any lawyer. NV public defenders are frequently overwhelmed by large caseloads, which makes it difficult to provide a strong defense for each client. Overloaded attorneys often do not result in satisfactory results as they are not motivated to represent their clients at trial. Because of the serious nature and severity of a conviction, many violent crime cases are tried without knowing all details. A private lawyer will ensure that your rights to full defense are protected.

Investigation of the Case

Your violent crimes lawyer from the law office of Gary Guymon PC will begin by conducting an independent investigation into all alleged activity. The defense will then be crafted, identifying all weaknesses in the case and questioning any witnesses. Sometimes, evidence for criminal charges such as rape, assault, and robbery is lacking. Even minor incidents that could be considered criminal do not have to be violent if they involve neglect or abandonment, which are both criminal offenses in Nevada. There is a risk of being charged excessively by prosecutors who want to impose harsher penalties. It is important that aggressive legal representation from a violent crimes attorney is sought in order to achieve a satisfactory case outcome.

Contact Violent Crimes Attorney – Gary Guymon

Never believe that a Nevada violent crime charge cannot be vigorously defended by a violent crimes attorney. For comprehensive legal representation, always contact Gary Guymon, a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney.