A Las Vegas Traffic Defense Attorney is highly recommended for anyone cited in Nevada for traffic violations. They can help you get your charges dropped or reduced to “nonmoving violations” that carry no Nevada demerit points. In most cases, the defendants who have legal representation do not need to appear in court. This is a huge benefit for those who work outside of Nevada or for people with day jobs.

Misdemeanor traffic tickets issued in Las Vegas can lead to fines, jail time, and possibly even imprisonment. Civil infraction traffic tickets can be subject to civil penalties, but not jail. Drivers who are convicted of traffic violations can be sued in civil lawsuits. If defendants fail to comply with traffic violations, a bench warrant may be issued for their arrest.

Our Las Vegas Traffic Defense Attorney will answer some of the questions that are often asked about Las Vegas traffic tickets laws below, which include how to fight the charges, fixing driver’s license issues, getting records sealed, and consequences for immigration defendants in Nevada:

Are Traffic Tickets Showing Up On My Record

Yes, every conviction and traffic ticket automatically appears on the driver’s criminal history and is visible on background checks. Most of these records can be sealed at some point. They can remain longer if the traffic ticket is for DUI.

Most misdemeanor traffic offenses can be sealed within one (1) year of the case’s conclusion. Misdemeanor DUI convictions can be sealed after a seven-year waiting period. For felony reckless driving convictions, there is a five-year waiting period.

For traffic charges that are dismissed, defendants may immediately begin the record sealing process. Record seal procedures can be complicated and take several weeks. It is recommended that defendants hire a Traffic Defense Attorney to help them through the process.

Is It A Crime To Get Traffic Tickets In Las Vegas, Nevada?

Minor traffic violations can be treated as civil infractions, which carry monetary civil penalties but no jail sentence. Misdemeanors are traffic offenses that can lead to jail or fines. There are three types of Nevada traffic tickets.

  • Parking violations,
  • Non-moving violations
  • Moving violations

Most traffic violations do not constitute a criminal conviction and do not affect applying for employment, a professional license, or any other educational opportunity.

What Does A Traffic Ticket Mean For My Insurance?

A conviction for a moving violation can lead to an increase in car insurance premiums. As you can imagine, premiums will rise in relation to the number of traffic tickets a driver receives.

Traffic defendants should hire a Las Vegas Traffic Defense Attorney to reduce the charges to a non-moving offense. This usually has no auto insurance consequences.

How Can a Traffic Defense AttorneyHelp Me Fight A Traffic Ticket?

First, it is strongly recommended that anyone cited for traffic violations hire a Traffic Defense Attorney to represent them. If the defendant is represented by an attorney, they are more likely to drop the case or reduce the charges. People who hire a Traffic Defense Attorney for their traffic matters do not usually have to appear in court. This is great news for both out-of-state defendants as well as defendants who work during the week.

As in all criminal cases, the prosecution has to prove that a defendant is guilty of a misdemeanor or traffic offense beyond a reasonable doubt. In an attempt to prove the defendant’s innocence, the attorney for the defendant would conduct an investigation. This would include looking at surveillance video, photographs, and eye-witnesses. The Las Vegas traffic ticket lawyer’s argument would be that the evidence against the defendant is weak enough not to warrant a conviction.

Prosecutors Have A Lower Burden Of Proof In Civil Infraction Cases Because Of The Amount Of Evidence.

Most traffic cases do not go to trial in practice. Prosecutors will often offer favorable plea bargains to defense attorneys without the need to engage in extensive litigation.

Traffic Ticket? Call A Nevada Traffic Defense Attorney

For a free consultation, contact our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers if you were cited for traffic violations. We will fight for the dismissal or reduction of the charge to a non-moving offense that has no insurance consequences and carries no demerit point.