A Marijuana Possession Defense Attorney is Required

Las Vegas has legalized marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. However, it is strictly controlled. Possession of excessive amounts of marijuana is illegal and could result in a conviction and a prison sentence. Even more so if you don’t have a Marijuana Possession Defense Attorney. The severity of the charges for marijuana possession will depend on how much you have.

Different charges can be brought under NV law for marijuana possession. The charges vary depending on how much marijuana is involved. The penalties increase as the offenses rise in severity. It is illegal to possess marijuana for sale or grow marijuana, except in small amounts for medical purposes. If there are no previous convictions for marijuana possession with intent to sell, the first offense may be suspended. The second and third offenses, which are class C and B felonies, can lead to a lengthy prison sentence and heavy fines.

The other category of marijuana possession charges is selling the drug to minors or having paraphernalia related to the drug. A Las Vegas Marijuana Possession Defense Attorney can help create a defense against these charges. Typically, a defense against these kinds of charges involves the following:

Police Entrapment

Police have the right to lure drug dealers in order to obtain arrest leads. It will still be useful for a lawyer who is knowledgeable in defense to show that the client would not have done it if it weren’t for the police engagement.

Insufficient Evidence

Nevada law requires that the prosecution have incriminating evidence to prove your guilt to be charged with an offense. If the prosecution fails or refuses to produce the evidence, the case will likely be dismissed. This is because the defendant cannot be proven guilty.

Medical Marijuana

If you possess a valid license, one can be charged with marijuana possession. A permit issued by Nevada is required in this case.

Work with a Marijuana Possession Defense Lawyer

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