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Las Vegas Gun and Weapons Laws

Firearms and Weapons Defense Attorney
Although Nevada is an open-carry state it does have restrictions on concealed weapons. There are not many restrictions on purchasing, possessing, or owning guns in Nevada. However, there are rules about carrying concealed weapons. You must have a permit in order to carry a firearm under clothing, in your purse, or in any other way that would make it unnoticeable. A felony charge can be imposed for carrying a firearm without a permit. Nevada’s laws on possession and use are applicable not only to residents but also to tourists and visitors. If you are facing charges of Firearms or Weapons, you will need to hire a Firearms and Weapons Defense Attorney.Although Nevada doesn’t prohibit open firearms, it is against the law to carry a loaded rifle or shotgun in a vehicle while on public roads. This does not apply to handguns. Handguns, rifles, and pistols are prohibited in certain areas. These areas include child care facilities, public schools, colleges, Veteran Administration buildings and post offices, federal buildings, courts, airports, and courtrooms. You can bring weapons into some of these areas with prior written permission.

Las Vegas Concealed Firearm Permits

An attorney for the Defense of Firearms and Weapons charges knows that concealed weapon applications (CCW) are handled by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. This includes taking photographs and fingerprints of applicants, as well as running background checks. Before an applicant can be approved, they must prove that:

  • They have completed a Clark County approved firearms course
  • The applicant can legally own a firearm
  • They are at least 18 years old

A CCW permit may not be granted to an applicant for several reasons. These are:

  • Having been convicted of a felony
  • There is an outstanding warrant, even a traffic warrant
  • Being involved in a criminal investigation
  • Having a conviction for a crime involving the use or threat to use a firearm in the last 3 years
  • Persistent use of alcohol or drugs (including medical marijuana)
  • Having a DUI conviction within the five years preceding applying
  • Conviction of domestic violence
  • They have had a restraining or temporary order placed on them
  • Currently serving probation or parole
  • Being Dishonorably discharged from the military

A Firearms and Weapons Defense Attorney for Nevada Firearm and Weapon Infractions

Nevada law bans many activities related to weapons and firearms. These include the manufacture, import, possession, and use of silencers or other specific types of weapons. These include knives embedded in a belt buckle, brass knuckles, longer than two-inch switchblade knives, slingshots, and billy clubs. An attorney for Firearms and Weapons Defense can review the allegations against you and confirm that they are applicable to your case.

Without a permit, it is illegal to conceal a weapon. Arrests can be made for carrying concealed weapons. You can also be arrested for carrying a concealed weapon even if you have a CCW permit. This is applicable in the following circumstances:

  • Illegally possessing a firearm
  • To use the weapon to commit a crime
  • To carry a firearm while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Have a Felony Conviction
  • Modifying the weapon
  • Aiming the weapon at someone else
  • Use the weapon to make threatening gestures

Penalties For Nevada Gun and Weapon Infractions

Gun and weapon offenses are serious offenses that should be treated seriously. Gun and Weapon convictions can have serious consequences, including long prison sentences, heavy fines, and, if you’re an immigrant, deportation.

Even a misdemeanor conviction could result in a six-month sentence in jail and a $1,000 fine. A felony conviction can result in a one-year to a life sentence, with fines up to $10,000 depending on the charge.

An offense involving a firearm or weapon can leave a permanent mark on your record and may cause you to face many challenges over the course of your life. You may lose your job and future job opportunities, be unable to enlist in military service, be ineligible to receive college financial aid, lose the right to vote, and be unable to legally own a firearm. Gary Guymon, a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney, is familiar with the laws regarding weapons and firearms and can assist you in navigating a difficult time in your life if you are arrested for Nevada Gun and Weapon Offenses.

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