Why You Need To Hire A Drug Possession Attorney

You should protect your rights if you are arrested for possession of drugs. Hiring a Drug Possession Attorney is the best way to defend yourself. Las Vegas’s drug defense attorneys can help you defend yourself against the charges. If you are convicted of drug offenses, your life may be affected in a bad way. You could face a lengthy jail sentence or even a prison term. For a drug offense, you could be subject to severe fines or even have your home and vehicle taken by police. A drug conviction can make it difficult to obtain a job or keep a driver’s license. Las Vegas drug defense attorneys are available to defend your rights.

Our drug crime lawyers vigorously represent clients who are facing drug charges. But, just because you have been charged with a drug offense doesn’t mean that a conviction will be the end result. You must still fight the charges. It is important to fight the prosecution and build defenses. An experienced Drug Possession Attorney will help you to fight Nevada drug possession charges.

A two-step approach is used by a good Drug Possession Attorney. The first step is to find evidence that favors the defendant, and the second is to discredit evidence from the state. They might also expose how the police violated the defendant’s constitutional right.

If the District Attorney feels that the case does not warrant a conviction, it could reduce or even eliminate drug charges.

Construction of a Drug Possession Defense

Our Drug Possession Attorney will work relentlessly to create a strong defense for your case, defend you in court and strive to achieve the best outcome possible. Gary L Guymon PC has victoriously represented hundreds of clients who were charged with drug possession and distribution. Our Drug Possession Attorney can handle any case. These are a few of the charges that can be brought against you:

Nevada Drug Charges: Presenting Defenses

You may have a very strong defense. These defenses may not be obvious and you will need help to present them effectively to the lawyer of the state, the court, and the jury. Even if your defenses are strong, they must be presented professionally. If the police violate your constitutional rights, a preliminary motion could result in the dismissal of the entire case. You must make the motion and explain to the court the law. Our Las Vegas Drug Possession Attorney is available to help you do this.

Nevada Drug Charges: How To Identify Your Defenses

If you’re facing a Nevada drug offense, it is possible that you believe there is no escape. The police might try to intimidate you and tell you that there is no defense. A Nevada drug lawyer will be able to tell you that there are many defenses in a case involving drug charges. To determine if there are defenses for you, your attorney will need to review your case.

Your Drug Possession Attorney can help you establish defenses like the ones below if you are facing Nevada drug-related charges:

  • Violations of your Constitutional Rights
  • Mistaken identity
  • Someone else had possession of the drugs
  • Police don’t believe that the substance is what it claims to be
  • Insufficient possession
  • The police did not protect the substance’s chain of custody
  • Entrapment
  • Insufficient evidence to support any element of an offense

A defense attorney can identify defenses, even when it seems there are none. They can assist you in defending yourself if you are facing drug-related charges.

Las Vegas Drug Possession Attorney

Schedule a consultation to learn more about your options and build your defense. Relax knowing that an experienced criminal defense lawyer will be there for you every step of the way.