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Most people find that being brought into the criminal justice system is the most frightening and traumatizing experience they will ever have. It is not uncommon to feel anxious, fearful, or uncertain about a foreign world and be searching for criminal justice attorneys to help you out. It is difficult to understand the terminology and procedures, and it is not easy to see why most people who enter the criminal justice system feel lost.

This website exists to provide hope and relief to families and individuals involved in the criminal justice system. It is essential that you trust any resource you are able to trust if you or a loved one is under investigation or has been formally accused of a criminal offense, Felony, or Misdemeanor in the Las Vegas region or elsewhere in Nevada. This site will provide information about the criminal justice system. You can also contact Gary Guymon, one of Las Vegas’s best criminal justice attorneys. Guymon, a former prosecutor with the District Attorney, has tried many of the criminal offenses that you’ll find in Nevada. These include capital Murder and simple misdemeanors. Guymon has tried hundreds of cases. There are no criminal justice attorneys in Nevada with more Not Guilty jury verdicts during the past ten years.

Las Vegas Criminal Law Resource Center

Being investigated for a crime or being charged in Court with a crime can be one of life’s most difficult experiences. There are steps you can take to reduce your stress. You can reduce your anxiety by being educated and talking to qualified, experienced Las Vegas criminal justice attorneys immediately. They are familiar with both the system as well as how to handle stress. Mr. Guymon can intervene for you with the police officers or the prosecutorial agencies (District Attorneys, United States Attorneys, or City Attorneys) to help avoid or reduce the severity of the charges.

Guymon’s years of experience in prosecuting and defending thousands of felonies have given him a unique insight into how criminal cases are investigated, charged, and prosecuted. His experience as a District Attorney prosecutor has given him the ability to effectively and efficiently challenge the Government’s case at every stage of the criminal process.

If you or someone you love is in a situation where the criminal justice system is affecting you or you fear that you will soon, contact Las Vegas Criminal Attorney Gary L. Guymon right away.