Our Criminal Defense Lawyer is a long-standing professional who can assist you if you were arrested for felony or misdemeanor offenses. Your future will depend on the methods and assistance you choose after being arrested. We will defend your rights and provide the strongest defense possible.

Our Criminal Defense Lawyer Will Investigate Your Case

It is not enough to just take the word of the police. Sometimes they may not have a detailed report on the events that led to your arrest. Sometimes, errors can be made in reporting an incident.

We will conduct our own research and collect reports and facts from witnesses. Sometimes we can ask questions that the police did not ask. Our experience in obtaining the facts and eliminating mistakes is what sets us apart. Our Criminal Defense Attorneys can help the jury understand your case in laymen’s terms.

The Following Types Of Cases Are Handled By Our Criminal Defense Lawyer:

Nevada Criminal Case: Defenses Our Criminal Defense Lawyer May Use

There is no reason for you to despair if you are facing charges in Nevada. There are still defense options that could work for you. Our Criminal Defense Lawyers will provide the best defense for your case. These may include:

Incorrect Identification

If the crime was committed by another person, we will investigate to determine if the identity was incorrect. We will try to present the facts to the police, the judge, and the jury.

Accident or Mistake

Not all crimes can be punished if they were not committed with actual intent. For example, suppose someone told you you could have certain things and you take them. But then you find out you are not allowed to. This kind of error can be used as a defense.

Constitutional Violations

Evidence may be gathered that is contrary to your constitutional rights. If your vehicle was stopped or searched without your permission, this could be an example. The evidence obtained by the police may not be admissible in court if they have violated your constitutional rights.


In some cases, the accused may have acted in a way they did because it was necessary. These reasons can be identified by us to help determine if the actions are legal under Nevada law.


Your actions that would otherwise be considered criminal under other circumstances may be allowed if you are acting in self-defense. We can prove that you were acting in self-defense if this is the case.

Your Actions Don’t Constitute A Crime

Sometimes, a police officer might make a mistake. You may be accused of doing something illegal, but it wasn’t truly against law. If this is the case we will prove to the court and jury that the crime you are charged with is not a crime.

Motion to Dismiss

A motion to dismiss allows a defense attorney to request to have the case dismissed before a trial starts. A motion to dismiss can be made on grounds that there is insufficient evidence or that the defendant has committed the crime. The prosecution will often agree to the motion. A motion to dismiss is usually made at some point in a trial.

Evidentiary Hearings

A post-verdict hearing, also known as an evidentiary hearing, is another common type of legal representation. These hearings will be prepared by an experienced criminal defense lawyer. To assist in the defense, he or she will search for physical evidence that could be used in a trial. This could include blood stains or fibers taken from the defendant’s clothes. The defense will be able to build its case against prosecution by having the right tools.

Plea bargains

Another common tool that criminal defense lawyers employ is plea bargaining. The plea bargain is the last common type of legal representation. A plea bargain is where a defendant can enter a guilty plea to get a lesser sentence. A defendant may request a plea deal if he or she is facing charges for a crime. This can happen even before or after the grand jury decides to indict the defendant.

Sometimes, the trial can be continued in the courtroom while the plea deal is negotiated. The criminal defense lawyer will try to convince the court in dropping all the charges that were filed against the defendant while the plea bargaining process occurs. This often results in the dismissal of all charges. If the motion is reasonable, the judge will typically grant it. If not, a defense attorney will attempt to persuade the prosecutor to accept a plea deal that will reduce the sentence. Plea bargains are not unusual in felony cases. This is because the sentence is too harsh for the defendant to endure the pain of a trial.

Clark County criminal defense lawyers can help their clients make the right decision and inform them of all available options. They may be able to negotiate a sentence of probation rather than prison time in some cases. Sometimes a plea bargain is not possible and the case must be tried.

Get In Touch With A Criminal Defense Lawyer

These are only a few examples of the many options that a Clark County criminal defense lawyer may face. Every case is unique and each case presents its own challenges. An experienced lawyer will be able to advise you on the best course of action in every case. Consult an attorney immediately if you are charged with a crime. They can provide the best advice.