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It can be stressful and confusing to be arrested in Nevada and charged with a crime. What is the best way to get out of jail? What penalties are you facing? What will happen to your family? What happens to your job? It can be tempting to follow what your family, friends, and even law enforcement have to say about what to do. Every criminal case is unique, so your freedom and criminal history should not be left up to chance. Gary L Guymon, a qualified Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer, is your best defense.

Criminal Lawyers

What makes Gary L Guymon so different from other criminal defense lawyers?

LV Criminal Defense is different. We will meet with you personally to discuss your case and review the evidence against us. This is our priority.

You run the risk of being pushed through the criminal justice process in a way that suits your attorney, prosecutor, or law enforcement. But not necessarily in your best interests. An attorney should always be in your best interests. LV Criminal Defense puts our clients first and works hard to help them get their lives back.

Each case is unique, so you deserve a tailored, individualized defense that is specific to your case. A criminal lawyer will listen to you and make an effort to understand your needs and wants. Mr. Wooldridge will give you all the information you need about your case and options to help you make the right decision.

Attorney Gary L Guymon has been trusted with the lives of defendants in high-profile cases that carry severe penalties. Learn more about Mr. Wooldridge and how he approaches cases. You may also see him as a part of defense teams in cases that you have seen on television. He trained with the most renowned criminal lawyers in the nation and now uses those skills to assist those arrested in Las Vegas for a variety of crimes.

This website contains information on Nevada’s minimum and maximum penalties, as well as their legal definitions and the possibility for plea deals.

Many subtle factors can affect the way that your case is handled and the actions of the District Attorney. A criminal defense attorney is the best person to help you understand the impact of these little factors on the outcome of your case. A Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer must be able to understand both the written and unwritten rules. You run the risk of being pushed through the criminal justice process in a manner that is convenient for your lawyer, the prosecutor and law enforcement. However, this may not be in your best interests. A criminal attorney should always be in your best interests. Gary L Guymon is a lawyer who puts the client first and works hard for his clients to recover their lives.

You can call 702-758-5858 to ask any questions if you are indicted in Las Vegas, Nevada, or elsewhere in the State of Nevada. 24/7 coverage.

Legal Help Is What We Do | What can LV Criminal Defense do for you?

An attorney is necessary to help you turn around the investigation. An attorney is necessary to help you turn the investigation around. The police and the prosecutor are not on the side of your case. They have an interest in obtaining the maximum number of convictions to make it seem tough on crime. Gary L Guymon will use all this information to build your defense right away after you hire him. These are your rights and Gary L Guymon will ensure that they are respected by all parties. You need an aggressive advocate who will fight for you against overreaching law enforcement and the prosecution as you navigate the Nevada criminal justice system. Do not leave your case up to chance, friends and family guesswork, or assumptions based upon what you’ve seen on TV. You need someone to represent you with all facts and an accurate understanding of the law in your case.

Nevada criminal charges | Representing clients across the entirety of Clark County

LV Criminal Defense will make sure that the prosecutor does his or her job. This could include asking for more time, suppressing evidence (throwing away evidence that was collected in violation your constitutional rights), or reducing penalties for certain mitigating factors in your case. If the prosecutor doesn’t have sufficient evidence against you, these legal arguments can reduce the charges against you to a simple prostitution charge or domestic violence battery to a single assault. An experienced criminal defense attorney is the best way for you to get the lowest possible charges. You can have a criminal record that will follow you for a long time. This means that even if you make every effort to move on, you may find yourself back in the same situation. Hire Gary L Guymon, a skilled, aggressive, and experienced Las Vegas criminal attorney to help you move forward.

Las Vegas plea bargaining

After the charges are resolved, there may be an opportunity to reduce your sentence. If you successfully complete Drug Court, your first drug offense can be dropped. Often jail time can also be suspended, provided you don’t get arrested again. Although these plea deals do not guarantee a favorable outcome, having a strong defense attorney working for you is essential to ensure that you receive a favorable deal in your Las Vegas criminal case.

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First, if you are arrested, there is no obligation to answer any questions or speak with the police until a lawyer arrives. Don’t be afraid to ask for an attorney. Because it is your constitutional right, the fact that you have asked for an attorney can’t be used against you later.

Contact a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. They are an experienced advocate for those accused of crimes. Even minor crimes can have a negative impact on your future. A criminal history of convictions could make it difficult for you to find housing or employment, to win custody battles for your children, and to enjoy other rights, such as owning a firearm. Contact our office right away at 702-758-5858.

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