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Gary L Guymon PC is represented by a former District Attorney’s Office Prosecutor who worked in the Nevada courts for over 25 years. Now, as a criminal defence lawyer, he uses that experience to represent defendants instead.

Being arrested can be stressful. Our Las Vegas criminal defence lawyers are skilled and determined. If you are facing criminal charges, we can help. Gary L Guymon PC can help you relax and get rid of your worries about your criminal case.

Our criminal defense team is experienced and aggressive. We can assist you with both misdemeanors and felony charges. How you handle criminal charges can make a big difference in your life and the lives of your family. As your criminal defence lawyer, it is our goal to thoroughly investigate your case and present the strongest defense for you.

Our Las Vegas Criminal Defence Lawyer Will Investigate Your Case

We don’t accept the police’s word as fact. Sometimes the police might not be able to accurately recall events. Sometimes they make mistakes and are inexperienced. Sometimes they may not be completely truthful when reporting on events.

We conduct our own investigation of every client’s events. We can reach out and ask witnesses questions that the police did not ask. We are able to assess the case and identify any errors made by law enforcement. Even better, our team has access to qualified experts who can explain technical information to jurors.

Types of cases our Las Vegas Criminal Attorneys handle

What Are Some Possible Criminal Case Defenses In Nevada?

Don’t despair if you are charged in Nevada with a crime. You may have defenses that you didn’t know about. Our Las Vegas criminal attorneys can help you in a variety of ways to fight your charges.

  • Constitutional violations: Law enforcement may stop you while driving or search your car without your consent. The court may throw out evidence if the police violated your rights.
  • Accident or mistake: There are a few crimes that demand criminal intent to be proven. One instance would be when someone tells you that you can have the items. If this is the case, then you are not guilty of theft. An error can be used as a defense against a crime.
  • Incorrect identity: Police might accuse you when it was really someone else who committed the crime. We can help you prove to the police and juror the truth of the situation.
  • Self-defense: If you are acting in self-defense, it may be legal to commit a crime. We can help prove that you acted in self-defense.
  • Necessity: Sometimes, the person being accused of a crime may have a permissible reason to act in the way they did. We can help determine if your actions are legal under Nevada law.

Sometimes the police make mistakes and your actions don’t actually constitute a crime. You might be accused of a crime, but your actions aren’t truly a crime. We can help you to present the evidence so the jury and the court see that you have not committed a crime.

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Are you facing a Las Vegas criminal charge? This can have a serious impact on your life, and could even endanger your freedom. We’re here to help you when your back is against the wall. We are familiar with the Nevada criminal justice system.

We start building your case as soon as your first consultation is complete. We represent you at all court hearings. You won’t feel alone with us on your side as we work together for the best outcome. Contact our team immediately if you are facing Nevada criminal charges.