Gary L Guymon PC is a criminal case lawyer that represents individuals facing misdemeanors, felony charges, DUI, and juvenile charges in the state of Nevada. No other Las Vegas firm has criminal case lawyers more qualified than Gary L Guymon PC.

We have seen firsthand the way police and district attorneys build cases. We know the rules and the ins and outs of criminal law. This insider knowledge allows us to fight criminal charges and deliver a better outcome.

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Las Vegas Criminal Case Lawyer

Are you being accused of a crime? Do you need a Las Vegas criminal case lawyer to help you defend your case? Gary L Guymon PC defends clients against any misdemeanor or felony charges. The following are some of the most frequent cases we fight:

  • Battery domestic violence: Clark County residents could be wrongly accused. Many times, angry or jealous boyfriends, girlfriends, and spouses are accused in domestic violence cases. We can help you fight back and investigate the case for you. We can handle all types of Domestic Violence cases, even domestic violence by strangulation.
  • DUI/DWI/Drunk Driving: It is possible to avoid a DUI conviction that will result in your license being suspended. Our DUI defense lawyers in Las Vegas know Nevada DUI laws inside out, no matter if you were convicted of a DUI offense for the first time, a second, or even a third. We can examine the case. We can find the faults in the police and crime laboratory so these defenses can be used to your advantage.
  • Prostitution solicitation: Although prostitution is legal in some Nevada counties, it is illegal in Las Vegas. However, it is possible to reduce or dismiss the charges for the first offense of solicitation of prostitution.
  • Casino markers: Failure to pay a casino marker in a timely fashion can lead to felony criminal charges. We can often craft a deal that will retire the casino marker satisfactorily so that the casino will drop the criminal charges.
  • Sealing Nevada criminal records: If you are convicted in Nevada, you will have a criminal record which can be a problem when you apply for jobs, loans, or state licenses. Our criminal case lawyers can help you clear and seal your criminal record. This will give you a fresh start and better chances in life.
  • Statutory rape: Nevada’s consent age is sixteen years old. Except for a few exceptions, anyone who has consented to sex with minors under 16 years old faces charges for the Nevada crime of statutory sexual seduction (NRS 2000.368). This is the legal term used for statutory rape. If we can show reasonable doubt that any sex took place, the charge should be able to be dropped.

No matter the charge, our criminal case lawyer can help you get through your case. Contact our criminal case lawyer today for a free case evaluation.