Criminal Attorney Near Me Represents People Facing Criminal Charges

One Criminal Attorney Near Me, Gary L Guymon PC, believes that each client deserves a fresh start. Our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers take the time to get acquainted with you to understand your case. Our Attorneys have handled many cases. However, we understand that each case is different. We devise specific legal strategies to help you achieve the best outcome possible with a strong criminal defense.

Gary L Guymon PC, a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney, is approachable and will fight for your best interests.

We Beleive Our Clients Deserve the Following:

  • Respect
  • Loyalty
  • High-Quality Legal Representation
  • Effective Communication
  • A Future That is Filled With Hope

How Our Las Vegas Criminal Attorney Near Me Can Help

Our criminal defense lawyers have been representing residents and visitors from all over Nevada for more than 10 years. We understand how stressful an arrest can make for a person or a family. We help clients quickly understand their options and begin to build a smart criminal defense strategy.

Are you ready to speak with our Las Vegas Criminal Attorney Near Me about how to build your defense? We understand how devastating it can be to be charged with a criminal offense. Our team will stand by you. Contact Gary L Guymon PC, a skilled Las Vegas criminal defense attorney, to discuss your rights.

The Most Common Crimes Being Charged In Las Vegas

Some of the most common criminal charges in Las Vegas include:

  • Domestic battery – It’s not unusual to have an argument with someone you love. Sometimes, however, these arguments can get heated and local law enforcement might be called in. What started out as an everyday dispute could quickly become a difficult legal battle.
  • Weapons Crimes – Nevada has extremely strict gun laws and restrictions. If you are found guilty of using a firearm in a crime, you could be sentenced to an additional 20 years imprisonment.
  • Drug crimes – It is not unusual for someone to possess drugs. Nevada makes it legal to possess small amounts of cannabis or cannabis products on private property. But it is possible to still be arrested in Las Vegas for drug crimes.
  • Nevada Sex Crimes: Sex crimes in Nevada should not be taken lightly. A sex crime can not only put your freedom at risk but also threaten your reputation and ruin your future.
  • Driving under the Influence (DUI), – Driving under the influence of alcohol in any 50 states is a crime. It is important to act quickly if you are arrested for DUI.

Gary L Guymon PC understands that being accused of a criminal offense can have devastating consequences. Our Criminal Attorney Near Me is here to defend you. Contact Gary L Guymon PC to discuss your rights.

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