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Gary L. Guymon

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Experience and results are important. Gary L. Guymon is the Southern Nevada attorney with the most Not Guilty jury verdicts. This has been for ten years. 

Gary has been a trial lawyer for more than 33 years. Gary was a Clark County District Attorney's Office prosecutor from 1990 to 2005. Gary's passion as a trial lawyer allowed him to rise quickly in the ranks of the District Attorney's Office. Gary was the Chief Deputy District attorney for the Specialized Homicide/ Major Violators and Sexual Assault Units. Gary served as the District Attorney's Office's Training Supervisor for the entire office. Gary was tasked with prosecuting all repeat offenders and homicide cases that were assigned through the Major Violators Unit. Gary was also responsible to prosecute all cases involving sexual assaults or crimes against children. Gary gave instructions to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department regarding search and seizure issues to all cadets and patrol officers as well as detectives.

Gary has been successful in a number of high-profile media cases, including State v. Margaret Rudin, the famous "Black Widow" trial which was featured on America’s Most Wanted. Gary also successfully prosecuted Ronald Mortensen, a Las Vegas Metro Police Officer for First Degree Murder. This is the only case in Southern Nevada where a police officer was convicted of murder after he shot and killed an innocent victim. Gary's record as a former prosecutor was almost unblemished. He had over 120 jury trials that were successful.

Gary has been fighting for the rights of criminal defendants for more than 18 years. Gary's control of the courtroom is not the only reason he has received the most jury acquittals or not guilty verdicts in Southern Nevada in the past decade. Gary has won Not Guilty verdicts in a variety of high-stakes cases, including those that involve multiple life sentences and the most serious felony charges. He has been awarded the Outstanding Criminal Defense Advocate Award, the Scott H. Waitte Award, and the Outstanding Criminal Defense Advocate Award in recognition of his tireless advocacy for his clients. Gary has mentored, trained, and supervised many lawyers and lectured on trial advocacy, including jury voir dire and cross-examination.

Gary received his undergraduate education at BYU and his law degree from the J. Reuben Clark Law School (BYU) in 1989. After law school, Gary worked as a clerk for Judge Jack Lehman. He then began his illustrious career as a trial lawyer. Gary is licensed to practice law in both the State of Nevada and Federal Courts. Gary is also a member of Nevada Attorneys of Criminal Justice, (NACJ), which is a non-profit association of criminal defense lawyers located throughout Nevada. Its mission is to ensure effective representation of all those accused of crimes through shared resources, legislative lobbying on constitutional matters, and intra-organizational assistance.

Gary has been a successful trial lawyer for more than 33 years. He also developed strong relationships with local judges and prosecutors. Gary's professionalism, experience, and personal connections are a benefit to those who retain him when they or their loved ones have been accused.

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